Boury GEC is a private engineering company specializing in a wide range of services. We provide reliable data information including resource and reserve evaluations, modeling, exploration studies, development planning and economic evaluations and forecasting. With a strong focus on customer service using an intuitive, hand-picked technical team with years of experience and efficient productivity, Boury Energy Consultants has expertise in both the local and worldwide markets: including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and India. As well as extensive exposure to regulatory and compliance environment in Canada, U.S., and internationally, Boury GEC is well versed in finalizing projects thoroughly, efficiently and accurately.


The BouryGEC team strives to build on their technical expertise through continuous education and by challenging themselves to achieve the highest in professional competence. This team’s expertise spans over decades of reservoir evaluations and reservoir studies.


Our extensive technical knowledge and expertise in basins around the globe, our loyalty to our clients and our allegiance to our profession provides a platform were our clients receive the maximum service they deserve.


Our team believes In honesty, high ethical standards and sincerity permits for a product that is accepted by their clients and their professional organizations.